Collection: Retro Collection

Introducing our new Retro Collection - Crafted with sustainability in mind.
Each piece in this collection is meticulously designed to produce zero waste. Our lampshades are intricately crafted using
a cutting-edge 3D printing technique, utilizing biodegradable PLA material. This allows us to customize each order with minimal energy consumption and ensures there are no leftovers from the manufacturing process, contributing to a greener environment.
The frame of our lamp is expertly hand-bent brass, adding a touch of elegance and durability to every piece. Designed by blending retro elements with a modern touch, the Retro Collection exudes a timeless aesthetic that seamlessly complements any interior decor. Furthermore, the Retro Collection is fully customizable in terms of colors and dimensions, allowing you to tailor each piece to perfectly suit your space. With our 3D printing process, you have access to a wide selection of colors, enabling you to play with the color of both the frame and the shade. This level of customization ensures that your ceiling lamp is not only a functional lighting fixture but also a unique expression of your personal style.